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Fiddlehead Family Health Care, PLLC


Because time is medicine

and good medicine takes time

Welcome to Fiddlehead Family Health Care, PLLC
Est. May 4, 2020

Our practice is currently full.  Please call the office to be placed on our waitlist if interested. 


Marian Bouchard, MD is a family physician who has been deeply embedded in the Bristol, VT community for more than 25 years. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  She also has an interest in Integrative Medicine and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Physicians (ABIHM).  Lately, she has been studying with the Center for Mind Body Medicine, a group which works worldwide with those traumatized by disasters both natural and man-made. 


Direct Primary Care, Community-Supported Medicine

  • A model of practice that focuses on relationships between doctor, staff and patient, managing problems without calling the patient into the office unnecessarily, utilizing phone, virtual and in-person contacts to translate questions into care. 

  • Our goals are to offer:   

    • Better health outcomes associated with clear plans created by doctor and patient together. 

    • Lower costs through a flat and predictable primary care fee.

    • Enhanced patient experience as you interact directly with one physician who makes it her goal to know your history.

Trusted by Patients and Families

Lanny Smith 

Lanny Smith and Sons Painting

Dr. Marian is more than just my doctor, and has changed my view of what a doctor should be. She has helped me to move from "fix it" to "let's choose a healthier lifestyle so we don't have to fix something." She has shown me the difference between sick care and health care and engaged me as a partner in my own health. 

Steve Harris
Charter Member FFHC, Harris and Harris Consulting

...I “pay her to stay well”’ rather than reimbursing her through an insurance company to “cure my discomforts”.  I now know what real healthcare means.

Anja Wrede

Marian has my full trust.  She is positive and has many years of experience. 

Marianne Lust


Marian is an extraordinary doctor, and a very brilliant one. She listens, she’s kind, she’s absolutely, passionately relentless in pursuit of health and healing for her patients. She really cares, she’s open-minded, she takes all the time needed. And she has a sense of humor!

Jennifer Gordon

Patient prenatal to present;

Student, Masters of Public Health

Marian has been my doctor since the second I came into this world (and before)! Her style of medical services incorporating holistic, integrated and empathetic care is unmatched. There is no one I trust more in this world in terms of health and wellness than Marian!


Back where we started... Welcome home!

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